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Online Support

Web and Email Hosting

We can host your websites and company email on our secure cloud server, offering you unprecedented speed and reliability.


Backup generators, multiple hard drives, dual routers, cooling systems and gel battery power banks give our cloud server real redundancy so your website and email will continue to operate regardless of external conditions.


Industry-leading 280 Gbit/s Connectivity allows for no-nonsense, fast transfers at all times. The result is that more users can access and interact with your website, faster.


24/7 monitoring by specialists, 150+ permanently recording video cameras, safety locks and more ensure that only authorised personnel can enter the Data Centre housing our server – your data is always safe and secure.

User-friendly Control Panel

For companies that want to manage their own webspace, we offer Plesk control panel that lets you easily manage your web hosting account through a web-based interface. You can …

  • Upload and manage files
  • Create user accounts for FTP
  • Create and manage email accounts
  • Create and manage databases such as MySQL and PostgreSQL
  • Backup and restore site files
  • View web log files
  • Manage DNS and other resource

Service Cost
iPad Backlight Repair £65.00
iPhone Backlight Repair £65.00
Laptop LCD Backlight Repair £65.00
HDMI Port Replacement £70.00
USB Port Replacement £70.00
IC Chip Replacement £85.00