Micro Soldering

Using specialist Microscopes with digital displays and micro soldering equipment we are able to perform repairs on devices containing chips so small they look like a spec of dust!

Some examples of repairs we carry out daily are:

  • iPad and iPhone backlight filters (dim screen, sometimes only one side, other times on both sides of the screen).
  • Replacing USB ports on all devices – full size USB, Micro USB, and Mini USB. This covers almost every device out there that has a data port!
  • HDMI port replacements on all devices. Commonly PS3, PS4, XBox One, Graphics Cards, Televisions.
  • Water damaged phones, tablets and other devices.


Service Price (£)
iPad Backlight Repair 65.00
iPhone Backlight Repair 65.00
Laptop LCD Backlight Repair 65.00
HDMI Port Replacement (any device) 70.00
USB Port Replacement (any device) 70.00
IC Chip Replacement 95.00

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