Spam Filtering Service


Our spam filtering solutions provides a secure, hosted service that delivers enterprise-grade spam and virus protection via our award winning partners who are leaders in spam prevention.

  Our service lets you:

  • Secure your inbound and outbound email from spam, viruses, phishing, and other email-borne threats
  • Receive email messages even if your email server goes down, using email spooling
  • Advanced anti-spam technology, examines thousands of elements of an email message to determine safety
  • Delivers exceptionally low false positive rates
  • Leverages global “network effect” based on billions of email messages per day to identify emerging threats, ensuring early blocking and prevention. Quickly self-corrects for safe IP addresses so that email flow is not interrupted

This service can be enabled and sit between your existing mail server so that you do not even need to move email host! Pricing starts from just £30 per month covering all of your mailboxes! Call us on 01424 400150 to find out more.

Enjoy all of these features!

Domain-based pricing
Unlimited Email Addresses
Unlimited Domain Aliases
Spam, virus and malware filtering
Over 20 million filter rules (and counting)
100+ million senders reputation tracking system
Virus and malware filtering
Domain-wide filtering policies
Custom domain-level filter rules
Fail-safe design
Email Archiving (30 days)
Mail Bagging (5 days)
Distributed cloud-based setup
(spanning multiple datacenters)
Destination fail-over MX support
Remote monitoring systems