Video Conferencing

You may have used skype before, and this is perfectly adequate for 1-on-1 video meetings. We are speciliasts in business conferencing known as “Telepresence Video Conferencing”, which effectively allows a group of participants to video conference as if they were sitting in the same room. Skype has it’s limitations, both in quality of the video and ability for more than one person to talk at once.

Our conferencing systems allow full 1080p and can process multiple voice signals without the stutter and fading most common systems encounter. We actually use the same system in our own office and retail environments, allowing all our staff to communicate freely despite being in different office blocks and retail locations.

What are the benefits of Telepresence Video Conferencing?

  • A real feeling that you are in the same room as other participants, conversation is very natural.
  • Ability to quickly discuss things without having to make phone calls, try to locate the person, etc just to ask a simple question or decide on something.
  • Save traveling! You can discuss and review things in full 1080p video without the need to travel to satellite offices.
  • Government grants are available due to video conferencing lowering carbon emmisions from travel.

There is no limit to the monitor size you can use with our Telepresence Video Conferencing, we have installations ranging from small 19″ monitors, to several 60″ high definition TV screens.

Some example Telepresence Video Conferencing setups we have performed include

  • Linking offices together
  • Linking warehouse to head office
  • Linking departments together
  • Linking home office to head office

Get in touch if you would like to know more. We can demonstrate our systems live and provide you with all the necessary information and setup costs depending on your requirements. Call us on 01424 400150