Cisco VoIP Telephones

Our VoIP telephony solutions allow you to control your own telephone system, while saving money and benefiting from all the advanced features that VoIP systems provide. Imagine not being tied to a complex and expensive contract for your business telephony requirements, being able to move phones around without needing an engineer to re-program the system, easily setup ringing groups, extensions, voicemail, call recording, and many other features with a simple online control panel, whilst all the while saving money on your telephone calls! This is what we are famed for!

For a small setup cost of £200 we can setup your phone system and help you port your existing numbers across, create ringing groups, extensions, voicemails, and everything you need to start making and receiving calls.

VoIP telephony uses your existing broadband connection to make and receive calls. You will not experience any “voice delay” while using our VoIP systems, and you can easily move the phones around to anywhere in your office as long as it is connected to your network. You can even plug in a VoIP phone at your home location and deal with phone calls from home as if you were in the office!

We only use Cisco equipment for reliability and performance. Cisco are the worldwide leaders in VoIP and communications equipment. You may expect their equipment to be expensive, but we suspect you will be pleasantly surprised. We also have finance options available for larger installations requiring more than 10 phones.

If you would like a demonstration of our VoIP telephone solutions, give us a call on 01424 400150 and arrange a visit to our offices so we can discuss your requirements.