Water Damaged Devices

A common myth is that you simply need to engulf your water damaged device in a bowl of rice for a few days, or just put it in your airing cupboard for several hours. This will not work! Here is what is actually happening to the inside of your device:

Water is very damaging to the electronics inside the device and will quickly corrode internal components and form rust. No amount of rice can draw out water from inside your device. If your device is not working after being submerged in water, there is a specific process that needs to be followed to restore it back to working order.

We have specialist microscopes with digital displays and repair equipment not found in your average repair shop. This means we can inspect the internals of your device using extremely high magnification and identify which parts of your device need restoring. A water damaged repair typically involves:

  1. Take device apart, down to it’s component level
  2. Inspect under high magnification for signs of corrosion, rust, and damaged chips
  3. Thouroughly clean board and components with 100% Isopropyl Alcohol
  4. Reinspect under high magnficiation
  5. Resolder or replace any damaged pin connections, pads, chips, or board tracks
  6. Reinspect and then rebuild device
  7. Test all functions of device thouroughly

We provide before and after photographs for all of our work so that you can see what has been done. The end result is that you have a working device again!

Pricing for this service starts at £85 and covers 99% of water damaged devices (extensive component replacement can cost slightly more). Inspection is free of charge and you will be quoted for any work that needs carrying out to restore your device so that you know exactly what you’re going to pay, with no nasty surprises.

Our most common water damaged repairs include iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung Galaxy Phones and Tablets, Sony Mobile Phones, Windows Phones, and Laptops. The process is the same for all devices, so get in touch if you need something repaired!

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